Blue Jean Blues

Blue Jean Blues

Krishna is an introverted anatomy research student in his early twenties, living in Pune. He develops strong feelings for Garima after he helps her with her college level calculus. They start going out, but Garima is embarrassed by Krishna’s dressing sense and lets him know that she cannot accept him as her boyfriend till he changes his appearance. Krishna is helped in this by his friend Ajay but commits a fashion blunder and fails miserably only to be dumped by Garima for the dashing Alok.

The effect of this incident, added with Krishna’s father’s death and his mother’s remarriage send Krishna into a prolonged phase of depression. His closest friend Madhumita tries to bring him out of it by getting him out of the house but they end up having a fight. Krishna’s mother travels from Nagpur to Pune to be with her son. He ends up fighting with her too but agrees to stay at his uncle, Kartik Mama’s farmhouse till he feels better. Madhumita gets a job and moves 800kms away to Bangalore.

At the farmhouse, after much encouragement and some persistence from Kartik Mama, his crazy uncle, Krishna develops an interest in bicycle riding. He is inspired by a blog where an adventure cyclist has written about the wonders of the restorative nature of travel. He decides to bicycle his way to Bangalore to visit Madhumita. The experiences he has along the highway and the time spent alone in quiet contemplation help him come out of his crippling depression and see things in a new light.

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