Shankar, a politically influential person who has his team of goons working For him as ‘Cow Protectors’ who beat up each and every person they see with a dairy animal and Confiscate that animal with the help of a corrupt police officer. Kallu who is Butcher by caste but not by profession he is living in poverty to such an extent that his daughter is expelled from School hence his Wife asks him to borrow money from his close friend Shambhu who is a Brahmin by caste. Shambhu himself is not in a good financial state but he offers his Ox to Kallu so that it can be sold in market and the money gained could be divided in both the families to which Kallu agrees. Shankar and his men see Kallu with the Ox but Shankar’s crooked mind cooks up a story and He makes believe all of his team members that Kallu a butcher is going to slaughter their Holy Mother Cow.They spreads this message and spin down Kallu in the same web which leads to Communal Tension in the village. On the other side another political person from the other community named Jamal influences his community to Fight for Kallu. The Religious gurus from both sides helps in spreading hetaerism under the influence of Shankar and jamaal. hence the villagers gets polarize and they believe whatever their leaders and gurus say and they act upon it. Amidst this tension rising A reporter named Ankur is struggling to get his story published in the Local newspaper so that he can contribute for the welfare of society and then marry the love of His life Shabana. Shabana’s brother, Saahil knows about their affair and wants to kill Ankur but he is stopped by Jamal at various situations so that he can be used in a better way. Ankur and shabana doesn’t believe in religious orthodoxy. Ankur investigates and finds out the reality of Shankar and Jamal while the Trial on Kallu is going on in the court. The officer whom the judge appoints as the Head of investigation team to find out if the said animal is Ox or a cow accepts bribe from a constable and produces a wrong report. While all the trials and Reporters investigations are going on an important person-The Care Taker of the cow shelter where Shankar’s Cow protectors deliver the Cows or the so called Dairy animals come out as a key witness

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